Text Mining in Fashion Microblog Marketing 时尚微博营销文本研究

Zheng Shen UCC PhD Final Digital Artefact 2015-2018

Fashion Microblogging Marker 时尚微博标记

Example 1 例1: The first of my big announcements this week I'm thrilled to announce that I'm collaborating with everyone's favourite retail giant Penneys on an EXCLUSIVE lash collection. As you saw from my teasers over on SOSU by Suzanne Jackson, I've designed 3 deluxe lashes that can only be found in Penneys/Primark. Price: €6 Kylie Belle Holly I'll be doing an in store launch later this week in Swords, more details to follow! Who's excited?

Example 2 例2: 这是条充满荷尔蒙的微博~因为宇博在@GUCCI 北京SKP旗舰店新装开幕活动上,采访了荷尔蒙喷射机张孝全!跟你讲,不光在电影里激情,他说生活里碰到喜欢的人就会很主动,按在墙上直接吻的那种主动!至于喜欢的是清纯还是性感,大8岁还是小8岁也给你打听出来了耶~

Warm Tips 建议词语: Missguided     Jo Malone     迪奥     香奈儿     white shirts     little black dress     军装风     人鱼姬     Cork     Black Friday     上海     圣诞     Gigi Hadid     Olivia Palermo     权志龙     鹿晗

Notes 注释: Texts in the fashion microblogs are marked as BRAND 品牌 , PRODUCT 产品 , OCCASION 情景 , ENTERTAINMENT 娱乐.

Fashion Microblogging Wordclouds 时尚微博词云